Fuel Line Leaks can be Hard to Locate

In order for the fuel in your gas tank to get to your engine, it must first flow through a network of connective fuel lines. The longer fuel lines are usually made out of non-reactive and strong metals like stainless steel. The smaller lines that are located closer to the motor need less structural strength, and thus are usually made of softer materials like rubber.

In either case, these fuel-bearing hoses and lines can develop damage from age or trauma. Some of these leaks are very small and are located in hard to reach places. Nevertheless, these micro-leaks can cause real problems if you allow them to persist.

At Jim Bass Ford Inc. in the San Angelo area, our skilled and experienced fuel delivery system experts can use sensitive diagnostic equipment to find even the smallest fuel leaks. To see the difference that professional tools and techniques can make, swing by our service center today for a no-obligation visit.

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