Pampering Yourself with the Ford EcoSport

You don't realize how much of a difference that amenities in a car makes until you want to do something and can't. The Ford EcoSport makes sure you have plenty of amenities while you enjoy your comfortable drive to and from your destination.

This vehicle has amenities you and your passengers will love. If you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes in the car, the Ford EcoSport features B&O PLAY Premium. This type of engaging audio system offers high-quality, crystal-clear audio with a distinctive, user-friendly design. With this 10-speaker system, you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite songs on another level.

With SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can keep up with friends and family, social media, emails, and play games. Anything you want to do on a cell phone, tablet or any other device, you can use the Wi-Fi in the Ford EcoSport without using all of your cellular data.

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