Convenience and Security in the Ford Flex

Ford is all about simplicity and convenience. That's why the new Ford Flex is available with advanced technology like the Intelligent Access key. This popular three-row mid-sized SUV can be unlocked and started without even having to take the key out. We here at Jim Bass Ford Inc. are excited to show you how the system works.

The Intelligent Access key is designed to communicate wirelessly with the Flex. The SUV will detect the key's presence as you approach. It'll authenticate the key and provide access accordingly. As long as it's in your bag or pocket, you can unlock the doors by simply touching the driver door handle. Of course, drivers in San Angelo can also use the dedicated buttons on the FOB as well to provide remote access.

Starting the vehicle is just as easy. The Flex has a push-button ignition system. All you have to do is push down the brake pedal and press the button.

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