Find Out about Synthetic Oil, and Decide if You Need It

You have likely heard of synthetic oil, but can you define it? Our friendly service team is here to help you clearly understand this important product and determine whether you need it.

Motor oil companies sell varied classes of oil that fall into a range that has conventional oil on one end and synthetic oil on the other. Conventional oils contain a blend of natural oil and basic additives. Alternatively, synthetic oils are mixed in exacting laboratories into formulations that help them fight viscosity breakdown. As you might imagine, that difference in production methods causes synthetic oils to protect engine parts substantially better than their conventional competitors. Cars that are driven farther than average or that run in extreme temperatures need synthetic oil so their engines last longer.

To determine whether your car needs synthetic oil, refer to your owner's manual, or contact our service center at Jim Bass Ford Inc. in San Angelo today! We will happily answer your questions or book a convenient oil change.

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