Learn About Horsepower

James Watt, of the Industrial Revolution, is the person who created the unit of measurement that we know as the horsepower. Back in the eighteenth century, Watt had been fixing a steam engine when he realized that he could create a new version that was much more efficient and effective than the models that were on the market.

Watt knew he had to develop a new marketing plan to show potential customers the virtue of his new machine. Watt was also an ace mathematician and used these skills to create a unit of measurement that compared his engine to the power of the horses being used in the mines.

The horsepower was developed. A horsepower is equal to the power of one horse pulling 33,000 pounds, 12 inches in one minute. The unit of measurement that became known as the horsepower was used to market steam engines to mine owners. It soon grew to become a standard unit of measurement to compare engines to horses, one engine to another and to sell a variety of products.

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