The Allure of the Ford Taurus Continues

The Ford Taurus has had the distinction of being one of the most popular sedans. It has received numerous awards for style and performance, and has made its way into the “car-psyche” of the American driver. The newest Taurus designs still offer attractive design features for any driver in San Angelo.

One of the major design adjustment to the latest Taurus model is an enhanced grille. It makes this family sedan more show-worthy on the road. Another improvement is the rear spoiler mount. Not only does a top spoiler make the new Taurus look sportier, but it also adds a degree of aerodynamic efficiency. In short, the latest Taurus designs turn the universal family sedan into an eye-catching addition to the best cars on the market.

If you fell in love with the Ford Taurus during its early years, a test drive of an improved model is the perfect way experience that love again. Come to the showroom at Jim Bass Ford Inc., and get behind the wheel of a truly beautiful sedan.

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