Ford Engineers Use Advanced Techniques and Hardware to Enhance the Mustang

Thanks to a vintage concept, modern Ford Mustang cars are able to produce bold, thunderous sounds that give people a sudden adrenaline rush. This increased surge of energy happens when consumers jump into a Ford Mustang and start the engine. Upon turning the key, they experience high-performance sounds from the exhaust. These powerful sounds are possible because prehistoric engineers provided the blueprints that modern engineers are using today.

The concept that helps current Ford engineers is called autonomic response. In the past, prehistoric engineers discovered how to take advantage of the concept in order to generate intense sound. Today, the engineers at Ford use this concept to design sound equipment for the Mustang.

If you want to experience how sound can impact emotion, you'll need to take a trip in a Ford Mustang. At Jim Bass Ford Inc., you can enjoy a fun test drive in this trendy Ford automobile. Visit our location and schedule a session in one of the many Mustang trims.

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