What Is It Like Inside A Ford Focus?

Here at Jim Bass Ford Inc., we can't get enough of the 2018 Ford Focus. And many people know the Focus as a popular compact car. And if you are looking to purchase or lease a car with superior interior features, you can't beat the 2018 Focus. But what are some of the interior features that you will find in this car?

The style inside the Ford Focus is elegant and inviting. Leather seats come standard in the Focus, and the front seats are also heated. Two-way head restraints help keep you and your passengers safe in the event of a possible accident.

And inside the 2018 Ford Focus, you will find all of the standard technology features that you have come to expect from the Ford brand. Some of these include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility. So, come down to our lot and take a brand new 2018 Ford Focus for a test drive.

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