The Ford Edge is Scanning the Road to Prevent Accidents

Cruise control can be a convenient feature, but the reality is that we don't always drive at a consistent speed. Other vehicles or people can be in the path of your vehicle, and you need to adapt to avoid hitting the object or pedestrian. With the Ford Edge, a popular midsize SUV, there is a feature that helps you slow when there's construction or an accident on the freeway, and it can even brake for you if it detects a pedestrian in your vehicle's path.

The adaptive cruise control feature senses your surroundings so that your vehicle slows with the rest of traffic. When you're past the obstruction and the flow of traffic speeds back up, the vehicle will resume the preset speed.

The pre-collision assist prevents accidents by scanning the road. If it detects a pedestrian in your path, it will apply the brakes to avoid or lessen the impact.

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