Why the Ford Expedition is the Perfect SUV

The 2019 Ford Expedition delivers everything you could ever want in a vehicle. As a full-size SUV, it can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers, while still leaving plenty of room for cargo. When it comes to everyday driving or rugged off-road trips, the Ford Expedition never fails to deliver.

The Ford Expedition comes with an advanced cargo manager, which not only provides abundant room for luggage but also helps to organize bags and equipment in a compact manner. Furthermore, 104.6 cubic feet behind the first seating row, 63.6 cubic feet behind the second row and 20.9 cubic feet behind the third row provide extraordinary cargo space. By upgrading to the Expedition MAX, storage space can be increased by 16.9 cubic feet, for a total of 121.5 cubic feet.

If you are looking for a balance between practicality and comfort, the 2019 Ford Expedition will not disappoint. Stop by at Jim Bass Ford Inc. in San Angelo, TX today and take one out for a test drive!

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