The Safety Technology in the Ford Transit Passenger Van

Many people are aware that the Ford Transit is a great vehicle for deliveries and work. However, the Ford Transit also comes in a passenger wagon model available at Jim Bass Ford Inc. The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon has plenty of room to transport your family or group members around San Angelo, TX and other destinations.

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is designed with some important safety technologies. This vehicle has a lane-keeping system. This system uses a camera to watch the road ahead. If you deviate from your lane, the steering wheel will vibrate as a warning to stay within the lane markings.

Rain-sensing wipers are another important safety technology found in the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. These wipers will come on automatically when moisture is detected on the windshield. They will adjust their speed based on how heavily the rain or snow is hitting the windshield. This leaves your hands free to stay on the wheel.

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