Work Harder With the 2019 Ford Super Duty Truck

The 2019 Ford Super Duty has a stunning design that's optimized for heavy-duty performance. Available with gas and diesel engine blocks, this pickup truck claims class-leading ratings in off-road performance, towing and payload capacity. You can contact Jim Bass Ford Inc. in San Angelo, TX to get details on the vehicle's signature mechanical features.

If you need to tow up to 35,000 pounds with the Super Duty, select a model that's compatible with the Gooseneck package. When using the 5th-Wheel trailer, you can tow up to 27,000 pounds. Additionally, you can confidently transport 21,000 pounds on a conventional trailer. More than 7,500 pounds could be loaded on the car's durable bed.

When you look at the Ford Super Duty's powertrain, you won't be surprised by the high towing and payload ratings. The Power Stroke diesel engine and the Flex-Fuel gas engine are engineered to meet the highest demands for today's auto market in North America.

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