The battery provides electricity to many components in a vehicle, but what keeps the battery charged? That would be the alternator. Many assume the battery handles all electrical power duties, but that is not the case. Without the consistent, reliable support of the alternator, the battery won't stay charged. That means the car won't run.

The car has to run for the alternator to generate power. There's a wheel in the alternator that must spin to create the power. All these parts work in concert to power a vehicle.

Be on the alert for troubles with the alternator. If you notice lights on the dashboard flickering, a failing alternator may be the reason. The battery could be the issue, too. A service center technician could perform the necessary checks to figure out what's wrong.

Do you need a new alternator or any other type of mechanical work? The technicians at the service department at Jim Bass Ford Inc. are available to lend their talents.

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