At Jim Bass Ford Lincoln, we understand that savvy consumers want options in making purchase decisions. Therefore, we have provided this  page to list options that you can consider in acquiring your vehicle from us. Remember, if you have questions at any time, you can contact us by phone, in-person visit, or online. Consider your options:                                                                  


    Because we are an authorized dealer of new Ford, Lincoln vehicles, you can apply for financing directly to the lending division of our manufacturer. Usually when you fill out an online Credit Application, our manufacturer is one the first places we'll check, if you meet their basic standards.


    We have relationships with national and local banks, credit unions, and other lending organizations that are all available to work with our finance specialists in getting our customers financed. When you fill out a Credit Application at this website or in-person at our dealership, we will work with the companies that are favorable toward your current credit status.


    Most banks and credit unions offer their account holders the opportunity to buying vehicles directly through the bank or credit union. If you have a good relationship with you bank or credit union, you can consider them another option in acquiring your new vehicle. If you are "pre-approved" by your bank, fill out the appropriate pre-approved form at this website. We will verify the approval and then contact you to facilitate the process of getting you into your vehicle as soon as possible.


    Depending on your credit and financial status, there are private lending organizations out there that will give you a loan toward purchasing a vehicle. Some of them will give you a check that you will cash and others will work must like a bank where they prefer to work directly with our dealership. When you fill out the Credit Application at this website be sure to provide us with all your "pre-approved" information.


    Like they say "Cash is King." There are individuals who can afford it and prefer to buy their vehicles by cash. If this is you, then please know that we can accommodate you. Depending on the total purchase amount, federal and/or state laws may require that we verify the source of the fund. Once this is done, you can purchase by cash and drive away your vehicle immediately.


    If you own a business or if you are a key player in a business, you might want to consider buying your vehicle through the business. You will need good record-keeping for the IRS and taxes, but generally, this is a method used by many people. Furthermore, we may have fleet purchase possible where you can buy multiple vehicles through your business.


    Never underestimate the power of a giving heart. In the wide spectrum of human relationships there are many instances in which people buy vehicles for other people. Our sales professionals have seen it all. Therefore, we are committed to helping you as needed. Contact us about making arrangements for special events.